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The software is an excellent program to help you remember all your events
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The software is an excellent program to help you remember all those events and birthdays, parties, appointments that you always tend to forget. Its excellence has been proven as it has been honored with an award. The software provides various features like storing repeating events that can be recurring daily, weekly, yearly. So also it provides use of additional features like adding customized sound alarms to the event which is further characterized with use of pop-up windows. It can be stored to the system tray for handy use. The graphical user interface is quite user friendly, manageable and provides maximum information at one glance. The use of software is a bit complex for novice users.
The Lucky reminder software allows the users to share events on the network and help them working in a synchronized manner. The basic feature include adding events, deleting events, modifying them, assign sounds, pop-ups, etc. It also allows user to schedule events well and also open urls and run external programs automatically. Also facilitates shutting down PC on events. The Downloading of software does not take much time and installation is also step by step well organized and does not long time to install. It also facilitates loading of the events at start-up and is a boon for people who are weak at time management.

Manoj Goel
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  • Handy user interface
  • Allows reoccurring events
  • Network sharing
  • Many advanced features


  • Requires registered copy for yearly events
  • Requires skilled user as exporting importing events is complex
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